When That Wow Factor Is truly Important

Reception Signs & Entry Signage

Whether it is a full fit out, 3D reception signs, some printed wall paper or an entry door sign, each element of your entry signage should add that wow factor to the first Impression.

reception signs

Your entry and reception signs tell an important story about your business. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words the well utilised space of your reception area and its signs can do the same.

The options for entry signage are endless. Very often we are limited by our ideas on what is available. This where our years of signage expertise come into play.

Our designers and our team are up to date with the latest designs and products available.

Reception Signs & Solutions

Acrylic reception signs

These stand off the wall and stand out

Acrylic reception signs with stand off the wall mounts are our most common reception sign. However, they come in many shapes, styles, sizes and finishes. Making the common most uncommon.

One of our favourite acrylic reception signs is the 6mm or 10mm clear acrylic sign with polished edges. When mounted away from the wall even a vinyl cut lettering casts a shadow and a 3 dimensional effect.

One of the great things about a clear acrylic sign is that it can be backed up with a frosted vinyl, coloured vinyl, a two pack paint or a combination of any of these.

The face of the sign can be a vinyl cut product, printed self adhesive vinyl, acrylic or metal letters.

The choices are endless, custom shapes, sizes, finishes and more. For suggestions on what would make your acrylic reception sign stand out contact us 0400748166.

3D Acrylic Letters

Individual letters for a stand out finish

Acrylic 3D letter signs offer an easy way to add depth and colour to your reception signage. 

Acrylic or perspex as it is sometimes known, is available in a wide range of colours, styles and thicknesses. 

Acrylic ranges in thickness from 1mm up to 50mm. Reception and entry acrylic letter signs are usually 6mm to 20mm thick. Colour ranges are not all available in all thicknesses most are available in 3mm and a number in 4.5mm and 6mm.

In order to have a your letters in an exact colour they can be painted to match Pms, LAB and RAL colour ranges.

The thicker letters give that feeling of substance, however they can also be heavy. Fine for a brick wall but not so great on a stud wall. In these situations we can use a 6mm acrylic letter with letter mounts up to 25mm deep. These are ideal for casting those great shadows that you get with a 3D letter. 

3D acrylic signs with letter mounts are also ideal for halo lit illuminated letter signs.


Aluminium & Stainless steel laser cut letters

All Class!

Lighter and therefore easier to install on stud walls, aluminium letters are available in multiple thicknesses. Aluminum letter sign finishes include, no 4 brushed, clear coated, painted and is great for an aged look. 

Aluminium letters can also be router cut and thinner products added as a finish to letters cut from mdf or acrylic to give added depth.

In reception signs the lighter weight material also allows for use in halo lit signs. 

Aluminium cut letter signs are considerably cheaper than their stainless steel signage counterpart.

Stainless steel laser cut signs are amazing to look at. Standard finishes for stainless metal signs are the No 4 brushed linish and the N08 high mirror polish.

For longevity we always recommend 316 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is often used in Perth for signage, however, we recommend only 316 steel and in coastal situations a clear coating applied for additional protection.

Electroplating offers the ideal solution where copper, brass, titanium and chrome finishes. It is more cost effective than using expensive metals.


illuminated letters

Backlit and illuminated reception signs.

The Stand out idea for an interior office reception sign, Illuminated 3d and halo letters. These really do add the wow factor to any building or business signage.

These beauties come in different materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminium to acrylic, all shapes and sizes,. 

Logo signage looks unbelievable as illuminated signage just ask us how we can make your reception area POP!  

3m Frosted office glazing

More than just a panel Hiding your offices....

Office sign fitouts often include a frosted vinyl to the office glazing. Whilst the 3m 7725 frosted and etch vinyls are the most popular product used for office glazing, there are other brands also available and also cheaper options. Regularly used reception signage vinyl products include Avery, Calon, LG and Metamark.

Like all vinyl products of good quality frosting and etch vinyls can be printed and cut to shape for enhanced effects.

There are unlimited signage design choices when it comes to using frosted print and cut products in reception areas.

Frosting and etch vinyls are also ideal choices for background materials with other vinyl and cut products used as overlays.

Frosted vinyl should always be used more as a design feature than just a panel hiding the rest of your business from the reception area.


Wall paper Decoration signage

Time to get creative & tell your story

Vinyl adhesive wall paper signage is available in a multitude of different styles and kinds. 

Digitally printed self adhesive vinyl with business logos, images and storey lines are the most common wallpaper signs seen in businesses everyday. 

Often they provide a theme running through the business and can be used as a tacit method of providing staff with information on business values and important stories or information..

Newly available over the past few years is the option for different surfaces and textures in digitally printed vinyl products.

Digitally printed vinyl is available in removable and permanent products. Permanent vinyl can be overlaid.

Pre-prepared wallpaper and surface coatings are also available. These stunning products are available off the roll. See images above or ask to see available wallpaper swatches.

entry door signs

Attract your passing Traffic!

Often forgotten and a last minute addition entry door signs can be an attractive addition to your signage design package. 

Often left to a vinyl cut open hours sign in a white, gold or black vinyl these signs do not need to be so lacking in imagination.

A little design and your door signage could incorporate one way vision, digitally printed vinyl, multi layer vinyl cut lettering and cut letters.

Often entry signs are placed to the side of the door on a wall or window. These office and business signs are still part of the entry sign package.

When attached to a wall a business sign can be made from just about any product available and sometimes are more industry or location specific, ie stainless steel engraved signs or letters are more often seen when larger signs would be imposing or against a council or heritage authority policy. They also promote an upmarket look.

Name Plates & Directional signs

Never Get Lost!

Directional and name plate signs are often forgotten by the average person, but you only have to go into an office building, your local shopping centre or a university campus to see what an effect name plates and directional wayfinding signage have.

From the simple engraved silver name plate with black text to a small monument sign directional signs are an important part of every day life. including providing safety in the workplace.

Manufacturing materials often include, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, aluminium composite panels, cut letters, prefabricated signage systems which click together for ease of use.

If you are not sure what you are looking for please feel free to contact us and we can send you catalogues of items available. 

All signs can be supplied and installed or supply only.